Whatever financial goals, hopes and dreams your clients have, we have the tools to help them plan for a more prosperous future…. We believe the true value of money lies in what you do with it!

A world of investment Opportunity…. Prestige Portfolio Bond is a lump sum offshore life insurance policy offering exceptional investment flexibility that can hold an almost unlimited range of investments from around the world.

Planning for the future with Confidence…. Our regular contribution plans provide opportunities for stock market returns with the added advantage of a principal protection benefit at plan maturity.

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Prestige International is a professional sales and marketing company that specialises in the marketing and distribution of international investment products and services.

Financial planning is a comprehensive, ongoing approach that starts with defining financial goals and objectives, developing a plan to achieve them, then tracking progress along the way and making changes where needed. By working with your Financial Advisor you can have access to the PIMS range of products and services that will make the task of planning for important life events much easier.

At Prestige International we provide access to a range of regular contribution and lump sum products and services; some of our plans have the added benefit of a Principal Protection feature at maturity, enabling clients to plan for their future with confidence.

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Prestige Portfolio Bond

an open-architecture, life assurance product.

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