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Protection and Confidence

  • Trust administration processed by an independent trustee
  • Investments reside with world-class global custodians
  • Efficient tax structure
  • Protected privacy


  • Access global investment opportunities
  • Allocation bonuses and loyalty bonuses
  • Principal Protected options
  • Investment portfolios to match an investor’s risk profile


  • Online 24/7 account management
  • Gateway to renowned global asset managers
  • Fund switching capability
  • Ability to liquidate investments via partial withdrawals
  • International banking services

Why Choose Us?

  • Regular savings and lump sum contribution options
  • Medium to long-term investment opportunities
  • Products designed to preserve clients’ investments
  • Access to some of the world’s leading fund managers
  • Flexible and independent fund platform

An international robust trust structure

Prestige savings plans are offered through a BVI Trust which can provide asset protection, privacy and tax exemption on capital gains and estate planning advantages.

The structure of Premier Trust offers separation between Custody and Asset Management providing clients added transparency and protection.  Strengths and resources of several entities are combined to provide expertise, knowledge and appropriate vigilance.

Independent Trustee

The Trustee is legally responsible for carrying out directives of the trust. Sable Trust is an independent firm licensed in the BVI to provide administration services.


Global Custodian

The Custodian (UBS) holds client monies and invests them based on the preferred investment selections expressed at the time of application.

Trust participants are able to access global investment opportunities in a tax efficient, secure and private environment. We offer flexible tools to pick the right path to financial independence.

Individuals should take independent professional advice for investment and tax purposes.